Debatomap’ in english

Debatomap’ is a tool based on feedback:  

Debatomap’ is a participatory mapping platform created by our team of sociologists and urban planners at Repérage Urbain. We adapt every map to specific projects in order to facilitate lively debates and spark smart, informed conversations in your community.

After testing our platform in the field, we designed Debatomap’ to be simple, fun, and easy to use. By combining social science methodologies and social media features, we built an interactive and innovative tool for surveying communities.

Debatomap’ can be easily adapted to fit your community’s projects and goals. With different logos, colors, debate themes, icons, project phases and more, every map is unique. The map is updated regularly, with our team adding new contents from our in-person activities or workshops.

Debatomap’ facilitates a multi-step process:

Our approach broadens the opportunity for civic participation and helps communities get feedback from a diverse set of people. Feedback from our on-the-ground workshops is synthesized and posted on the map, fitting in seamlessly with the online contributions. Our tool facilitates quantitative, qualitative, and spatial analysis by our team of consultants and ultimately helps community leaders make smart, informed decisions.

Our community-building consulting services led by our firm Repérage Urbain and our local partners include:

  • Creating a communications « ecosystem » :
    • We strive to make planning proposals easy to understand so community members can be aware of changes occurring in their neighborhood
    • We help moderate the debate to ensure that it is productive and constructive
    • We help communicate our project and process to the community online and through local media
  • We organize public workshops to encourage participation; they can be inside community buildings or outside in places with high foot traffic
  • We compile a report for each consulting project complete with qualitative and quantitative analysis

Debatomap’ is unique in that it solves many of the problems that classic community engagement efforts face. Oftentimes physical workshops attract a small, homogenous minority of the community. By providing an inclusive online platform, we are able to overcome busy schedules and feelings of intimidation and discomfort among community members.


The Debatomap’ story :

Debatomap’ was created in 2013 by our urban planning consultancy, Repérage Urbain and has since been used in over thirty communities for a variety of projects in France and abroad. We ensure that Debatomap’ is exclusively used in the context of civic engagement and is adapted to fit the preferences and project guidelines of each and every community we work with.


Contact :

Benjamin Hecht : bh[at]